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The beautiful resort of Hakone is set in the foothills of Mt Fuji. The proximity to Tokyo means that this is a popular spot for weekenders to visit to enjoy the majestic scenery and to luxuriate in the natural hot springs in this volcanic region. Whilst here, you can wander the peaceful surroundings and visit attractions such as the Open Air Sculpture Park, Lake Ashi and Owakudani (literally 'Great Boiling Valley').




Located on the grounds of the former summer villa of a member of the Imperial Family, the building and facilities have earned high praise for its design, being in harmony with the nearby mountains, blending Japanese tradition along with modern design elements.

Gora Kadan offers a fantastic choice of rooms appropriate for the most discerning traveller. Being a traditional ryokan, some of these are actually in their own separate buildings, and thus represent the ultimate in comfortable, secluded relaxation.

There are two natural hot springs on site, whose mineral compositions have numerous purported health and relaxation benefits. The locally sourced ingredients and fantastic attention to detail make the kaiseki cuisine served at the ryokan truly exquisite.


Gora Tensui is a deluxe Japanese ryokan inn situated in the heart of Hakone, Japan's most prestigious hot spring region. The rooms here are of superb quality, with various Western and Japanese options, some of which feature their own indoor and outdoor natural stone hot spring bath tubs.

Don't miss out on the delicious Japanese kaiseki cuisine here – the best ingredients of the season are picked to form a wonderous display of Japanese delicacy. To help you start a fresh morning, a delicious traditional Japanese breakfast is provided.

The hot spring onsen is a must. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Hakone mountains with their changing colour every season. At the public onsen, you will experience the true natural hot spring water from Owakudani, an active volcanic mountain that is a landmark of Hakone.


There is much here that reflects the culture and nature of Hakone, from parquet furnishings to hot spring baths that open out onto vibrant natural scenery, as well as exclusive activities that give a taste of this traditional hot spring town's history.

Nature spreads all around KAI Hakone, allowing guests to enjoy the seasonal scenery and the sounds of the nearby Sukumo River from the comfort of their rooms. Low sofas and beds give each room a spacious feel, while our signature rooms feature parquet furniture.

Guests are served kaiseki course meals that use plenty of seasonal land and sea ingredients. Some dishes feature Japanese ingredients prepared with Western culinary techniques—a style that developed from the West's long love affair with Hakone's hot springs.


The former residence of a baron, this hotel is located in picturesque countryside in close proximity to Mount Fuji. In the spring and summer months, wonderful wild birdsong can be heard amongst the trees surrounding the hotel, creating a charming and tranquil environment. In true Hakone fashion, the hotel also boats a hot spring for you to enjoy and relax in.

Rooms in this hotel offer a great amount of space, with a décor that is simple, yet elegant. High-speed wifi is available in all rooms, as well as a set of bird watching binoculars and sandals for strolling in the hotel's gardens.

The hotel's excellent restaurant offers a fusion of French cuisine with Japanese cooking techniques. An authentic firewood stove is used to cook meat, culminating in delectable dishes.

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