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Thanks to all at Japan Journeys for organising our holiday, it all went very smoothly. Only been back a week but we miss Japan already. Tokyo was like 10 cities stacked on top of each other, and the temple gardens of Kyoto were perfection. Cheers!
James H., Independent Traveller 2018
We had a wonderful trip, thank you so much. Very well organised! Your meet and greet person at the airport was very helpful and we think that we would have struggled without him. We particularly enjoyed the resort in Hakone, the shopping in the Harajaku area (Tokyo), the guided tour in Kyoto. You over exceeded our expectations with the dinner you arranged for us in Kyoto: interesting combination of flavours, amazing taste. We loved the culture and gastronomy. The Japanese are very welcoming people. All in all Great experience! Again thank you for making our honeymoon unique.
Victoria & Oliver, Independent Traveller 2018
Having always wanted to see Japan but being rather nervous about it and not knowing where to start, I contacted Japan Journeys in 2016 to help plan a trip for my son and I. We have now been twice to Japan, the first time to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Kyoto and the second to Hokkaido. The Japan Journeys team were extremely helpful with their advice, put together itineraries, made suggestions and basically helped me gain confidence that such a trip with a 12 year old in tow was nothing to worry about. They took the hassle out of booking the various accommodations and each one that they booked for us - from city hotels to traditional Ryokan - were of good quality. I'd recommend Japan Journeys to anyone thinking about travelling to Japan, either as part of a group tour or as an independent traveller. They clearly have a wealth of valuable experience and most importantly, have a real passion for what they do. Should I be lucky enough to visit Japan again, I'll no doubt be in touch with  Japan Journeys to help plan my trip.
Neil G., Independent Traveller 2017
I had a fantastic time in Japan. My first time in Tokyo was amazing yet overwhelming - thankfully Louisa was an excellent tour guide and I saw far more of the city than I could have managed alone. I also gained useful experience of the public transport system. The tour became increasingly independent as it unfolded which fitted my increasing confidence with getting around. In the last 3 days I enjoyed full freedom around Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka in a way I didn't think possible on the first day. I managed to see everything I wanted to and much more over a 12-nights trip which was so packed that it felt like much longer!  
Tom C., Japan Summer Manga Tour & Kyoto Extension 2018
Japan Journeys is an excellent company. They could not have been more helpful. Our holiday ran smoothly from beginning to end. Their advise was invaluable and the price was honest. The hotels chosen were excellent. I would definitely recommend them and would travel with them again.  
Siobhan S., Independent Traveller 2018
The itinerary design was ideal for getting a fantastic insight into this amazing country, it's culture and the incredibly friendly people we met. The 'meet & greet' chap was great - sorted out our rail passes and tickets - basically took all the hard work out of a necessary chore after a long flight - and put us on the right train. Hotels were in the best locations and of a high standard. Just wished we stayed for longer.  
Derek and Margarita, Independent Traveller 2018
The independent tour Japan Journeys arranged for us gave us a great experience of Japan, as first time visitors. All the bookings worked well and there was enough English written up in the main tourist areas to manage without knowing Japanese! Our main comment is that Japan Journeys took the time and trouble to ask the right questions to understand the type of holiday we wanted when we were booking the trip so they were then able to arrange the perfect holiday for us.
Sarah W., Independent Traveller 2018
Our trip was amazing - organised for us down to the last detail in our itinerary and on our app which is a brilliant idea. Accommodation was excellent, especially Nakayasu Ryokan in Kanazawa where the evening meal in particular, was outstanding. Rail travel was perfectly synchronised and made so easy by having a Japan Rail Pass. All lived up to our expectations - the only thing was - 2 weeks was far too short! I will definitely return, and will only travel with Japan Journeys - the best for tailor-made tours. Thank you to a great team!
Angela G., (South Africa), Independent Traveller 2018
A brilliant holiday.  We had enough guidance to feel comfortable on our first trip to Japan and enough independence to do as we wished.  Hotels, from the large international style Metropolitan (with a great roof bar) to small Japanese Ryokan's were all great. The routing that was given to us was a great introduction to Japan and showed a range of areas from mountains to the mega cities!!  Good breadth of geography and 'feel' gave us insight that without the guidance we would never have achieved. Finally....the restaurant recommended for us on the last night was a marvel to behold!!
Larry and Alex, (UK), Independent Traveller 2018
Japan is a spectacular country with an amazing culture. We had a really wonderful time. James, Mario and all the team at Japan Journeys were extremely helpful in finding the right accommodation for us and organising a great holiday at the peak of the cherry blossom season. Thank you!
Mark and Silvia G., (UK), Independent Traveller 2018
Fantastic trip, really enjoyed every part of it, was also really useful having a lady meet us at the airport and helping us book trains/collect our JR passes. Hotels were great too. Only thing we would change - we wish we had two nights in Miyajima. We really wanted to explore but didn’t feel that one day was enough.
Karen D., (UK), Independent Traveller 2018
My sister and I had an amazing trip with the wonderful Ryuhei who was our tour guide.  The group was a lovely mix of 20 people and we had many laughs together. We were fortunate to have lovely rooms in all our hotels and only wished the stay in Kyoto and Hakone was longer! It was the first time I have done an organised tour and would certainly do it again. I would certainly recommend the Cherry Blossom tour, each day was truly wonderful with the sights and sounds of Japan.
Juliana, Classic Japan Tour 2018
Just returned from this wonderful tour which was very well planned to include many of the best locations for viewing the cherry blossom, as well as visits to several important temples and shrines. Also had a day in the countryside to experience the hot springs. A very well balanced and busy tour which suited us well. There is a fair amount of walking involved each day and the transport links worked very well including several trips on the fabulous bullet train as well as the local metro's. The guide is invaluable at the stations. Hotels were generally very good and all were well located. Our guide Ryuhei could not have been more helpful, professional and caring. He added greatly to our enjoyment of the trip and even persuaded us to take part in Karoake one evening which turned out to be great fun. Would highly recommend using Japan Journeys and we looked at many different tour operators before booking. The trip proved to be very good value for money as so much was included.
Dorothy and Colin, Classic Japan Tour 2018
I am impressed by the support provided by Japan Journeys. I am a seasoned traveller, but in Japan, I would have been most without some professional help. It is obvious Japan Journeys have quite some experience in this field. The Vamos app is a very useful feature.
Stef D., (Belgium), Independent Traveller 2018
6/1/18. My husband and I have just returned from the 10 Day Best of the West tour.  We made the right decision to book with Japan Journeys as I have it on good authority from a Japanese Tour Guide that we experienced the best of the West which we really loved.  We simply could not have done it without all the information, Vamoos App, maps, and guidance Japan Journeys gave us though. Every single itinerary connection, whether it was hotel change, airplane, or train went to plan apart from a couple of minor changes at the time and even then the staff at the railway stations were very obliging in speaking in English and helped us willingly. The subways at Osaka freaked us out a bit though due to the size and massive footfall but again we found Japanese people were only too keen to pick up on our dismay and approach us to help and even walked us to the right platforms. After this we found using the city taxis were a far less stressful thing to do and they were spotless, driven by careful, pleasant smart drivers, and we got to see more of the cities and they weren't expensive. This tour gave us a wonderful array of urban and rural sights, ancient and modern, and made all the more exciting by the fact our stay spanned Christmas and New Year's. Places we were scheduled to visit that we found shut due to the National Holidays on 1,2,3 January or we found closed for maintenance we just improvised on and found other delightful things to do. I think our only mistake was in asking for 3* accommodation (Toyoko Inns) as it is really the equivalent of our UK 2* and lacked variety in breakfast food options and no where to sit and relax in the evenings. However, the Ryokans, (Japanese Inns), were amazing and a real authentic experience. The hosts were so attentive and friendly. Tip: if you suffer from a bad back don't hesitate to ask for an extra futon which they will supply. Travelling on the Shinkansen (bullet train) was also an experience we really enjoyed. The local trains were also a pleasure as they were clean, quiet, and although bustling with people, orderly and always on time. We tried food we'd never experienced before and this was a revelation. Green Tea and Chestnut Icecream will never be forgotten! To top it all we had better weather in Japan than the UK did over the 2 weeks with the sun out most of the time. One of our biggest initial fears was using the Japanese high-tech loos but we did some research on YouTube and we were fine and now miss them back home. The highlight of the trip has to be New Year's Eve at Kitamido Temple in Osaka where we sat through a Buddhist Ceremony then got to ring the bell to herald the new year in. One tip we would advise though is to ask for an extra night a Miyajima island as there simply wasn't enough time in the schedule to see any of it other than the famous Otori Gate. We would definitely recommend Japan Journeys and would like to thank you them for a fantastic tour.
Amanda D., (UK), Independent Traveller 2017
Visiting Japan was a long held wish and we had definite ideas about some of the places we wanted to see. We felt some trepidation about venturing independently into such a different culture but we need not have worried. Japan Journeys' planning was meticulous and made our trip stimulating but stress free. The accommodation (3-4 star) was excellent and well-located, close to railway stations. Our Japan Rail Pass took us smoothly from place to place on a variety of trains, and encouraged us to make several side trips. We found the book, 'Japan By Rail' by Ramsey Zarifeh and Anna Udagawa, published by Trailblazer, a useful adjunct to the Japan Journeys'itinerary. We took three separate Day Tours; in Tokyo, to Nikko, and round Kyoto, which  helped orientate us for our own explorations. The volunteer-guided day trip JJ organised for us in Arita (Kyushu) went particularly well, thanks to a delightful guide, Junko, and two of her friends. Our holiday was truly memorable and we have already recommended Japan Journeys to friends.
David and Jenny C., (UK), Independent Traveller 2017
This is the second time we have travelled with this company and on both occasions we have travelled off the beaten track for at least some of the time. The arrangements have been faultless, the attention to detail superb, and we have happily travelled around on our own without any concerns at all. Fantastic holidays, wonderful company and staff who really take the trouble to find out what it is that you want.
Berendina N., (UK), Independent Traveller 2017
The staff at Japan Journeys were very helpful with accommodations, information pack and iternary. They also have helped with the flights.
Richard F., (UK), Independent Traveller 2017
You were asked to put together an itinerary to include flights, Hotel accommodation and suitable visits to places that would suit our interests. You had to fit in with my commitments to my Medical Conference, and you accepted this brief without comment or complaint; and succeeded to perfection. We were travelling alone (just two of us ) with NO knowledge of the language, or the geography. And you put together an Itinerary which was detailed and comprehensive so that we completed our considerable journeying without mishap. We learned so much, and were so inspired by a unique and delightful culture.. It could never have happened without your help and your meticulous, and faultless planning. Thank you.
Richard G-A., (UK), Independent Traveller 2017
We love everything about Japan; its people and the culture, and this was our second trip to this beautiful country. Japan Journeys staff are outstanding in every way, always ready to give advice and help. The accommodation we stayed in was 3 star, though personally I would say it was higher. The luggage transfer system is outstanding, so there's no need to carry heavy luggage around the country with you. All travel arrangements were arranged for us, and a 'meet & greet' service was waiting at the airport, who helped us get our Rail Passes sorted and made sure we had everything for our trip (this was ideal after a long plane journey). Without a doubt I would use Japan Journeys again, and I would and have recommended them. This is a country you would have to go back to, because there is so much to see and do.
Philip and Tom, (UK), Independent Traveller 2017
Trip of a lifetime!! Cannot recommend this trip enough! Had an absolutely amazing time, better than I could have ever imagined! The trip was incredibly well organised and I really enjoyed all the itinerary, each day was filled with exciting things to do and places to visit! As a lone traveller, I felt incredibly safe as we were all well looked after by our amazing tour guide, Ryuhei! The people I met in the group were also a highlight of the trip as they were all very lovely, like minded people and we all had a lot of fun! Couldn't have asked for a nicer group! Will be definitely travelling with Japan Journeys again soon!
Stacey G., Japan Summer Manga Tour 2017
My Husband and I first visited Japan as part of the Manga and Anime Tour in 2016. In fact we got engaged whilst on Mt Fuji. Japan Journeys were so efficient and helpful that we knew immediately that we wanted them to help us organise our honeymoon the following year. We have just arrived home and we cannot thank the team enough. We were able to do and see everything we wanted. The itinerary hotels and transport were fantastic! We can't wait to plan our next trip and would recommend Japan Journeys to anyone who wants to explore and experience Japan.
Clare H., (UK), Independent Traveller
Our tour was superb, the tour guide Jake was outstanding, he was knowledgeable, well informed, charming and kind, handling a large group of  strong minded people, remarkably well. The Japan we saw was mind blowing...beautiful, interesting, gracious people, tasteful in every aspect- design seems to be very important to the culture. The three cities we visited, not the countryside so much, have masses of ATMs, all over the cities, and credit cards were accepted almost everywhere except for  Buddhist shrine shops, and some stalls in the  market, mostly food stalls it seemed to me, took only cash.
Dawn G., Japan Architecture Tour 2017
The trip was great. My grandson was so impressed by this tour and it was his first trip abroad. Yoko was a great tour guide and we enjoyed all the amazing dinner places she selected. Having free time to explore was also a great opportunity. I would say the trip was well worth while.
Marge R., Japan Manga Tour 2017

japan_tour_1 japan_tour_2

My sincere thanks to Japan Journeys for putting together a superbly organised trip. Can happily recommend all aspects of your organisation, planning and choice of bookings.
Salim Suterwalla, (UK), Independent Traveller 2013
I would certainly have no problem in recommending your service – we enjoyed the independence that we had but felt secure in the organisation from the start of the holiday.
Barbara & Keith Evans, (UK), Independent Travellers 2013
3 trips with you guys and 3 of the best times of my life, I just wanted to sincerely thank you. Number 4 in 2014.
Drew Hurley, (UK), 2013
cherry_blossom_time I would like to thank you all (and especially David) for such an interesting and illuminating trip. Japan has been on my “must do” list for many years, and I was not disappointed by my experience.
Richard Pratt, (UK), 2013
We had a wonderful trip and arrived home fit and healthy. Thank you for a great time full of good memories. It exceeded our expectations.
Cedric & Julie Steffens, (New Zealand), 2013
I thought the itinerary was spot on and got the right balance – difficult to do everything in 8 days but certainly you got an appreciation of culture and the beautiful country through the Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima experience. All great, and different Japan experiences. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
John Anderson, (UK), Independent Traveller, 2012
Everything went very smoothly due to your excellent organisation of the trip. We had a great time and will certainly contact you if we go back again.
Graham Rogerson, (UK), Independent Traveller, 2012
We had an excellent time and would like to thank James, David and yourself for what was a very memorable and enjoyable holiday. Your organisation of our plan was perfect and the documentation provided was more than enough for us to get us through the holiday hitch free.
Phil & Monika Joslin, (UK), Independent Travellers, 2012
We had a great time discovering Japan. Much of the credit for this is down to you and your team – and we thank you for it. Travel arrangements worked like clockwork and the helpful hints and the paper work were invaluable.
James & Nerys Kerr, (UK), Independent Travellers, 2012

japan_tour_3 japan_tour_4

A really big thank you for organising such a wonderful trip around Japan. I could not have enjoyed it more!
Denny Cruickshank, (UK), 2012
We had a great time discovering Japan. Much of the credit for this is down to you and your team – and we thank you for it. Travel arrangements worked like clockwork and the helpful hints and the paper work were invaluable.
James & Nerys Kerr, (UK), Independent Travellers, 2012
Overall, this has been an excellent experience. Our guide has been a great leader, calm, professional and personable.
Tim Eason & Sarah Jarvis, (UK), 2012
Our tour guide was fantastic. Many thanks for an enjoyable holiday
Alec & Sue McLaughlin, (UK), 2012
Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant tour, I have loved every minute of it.
Heather Magill, (UK), 2012
A wonderful trip with great variety of fun, culture and activity.
Sheila Slater, (UK), 2012

japan_tour_5 japan_tour_6

Wasn’t sure what to expect from a “Guided” holiday but it turned out to be fantastic! David, our Guide, was brilliant throughout and was the perfect mix of ‘in charge’ and ‘responsible’ but great fun, and very personable and caring too. Loved the mix of Japanese culture and history and the wonderful Bonsai trips. All done in the right order we felt. Many thanks for a wonderful holiday.
Jo Dawe & Robert Hilton, (UK), 2011
Thanks for an awesome trip. I appreciated all you showed us and had a blast.
Stephanie Mullenmeister-Grow, (UK), 2012

bonsai_tour_japan_4 bonsai_tour_japan_3

The range of craft trips were ideal for my interests and I particularly liked the hands on elements when I could try the skills.
Wendy Benn, (UK), 2011
Trip was exactly as advertised. Very satisfied. The camaraderie has made the trip.
Bette Haddon, (USA), 2011
I really enjoyed the well organised and guided tour.
Liliane Suurenbroek, (Netherlands), 2011

quilters_tour_japan_3 quilters_tour_japan_2

I had a great time and everything worked like clockwork. Thanks for organizing it all – it could not have gone better. An amazing country and culture.
Jonathon Stott, (UK), Independent Traveller, 2011
I enjoyed my trip very much and all the info you sent me was very useful.

I loved staying in the ryokan and I would like to return to Japan, and will recommend you to my friends.
Linda Morris, (UK), Independent Traveller, 2011
The independent traveller tour suited our needs perfectly. A real plus point was the detailed itinerary and maps we were provided with. This outline structure meant we were able to spend more time enjoying Japan and less thinking about which train etc. to get next, while also supplying some local insight Overall an amazing trip which was easy to customise, straightforward to book and I still struggle to believe how much we squeezed into the time. Thanks for providing a formidable service, which I’d have no hesitation in recommending.
Andy Gibbard, (UK), Independent Traveller, 2010
We had a great time and all thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The weather was lovely, lots of bright sunny days and only an hour of rain in Nikko. We found your schedule and tips very comprehensive and the daily directions and train times especially helpful.
Caffyn Family, (UK), Independent Travellers, 2010
manga_tour The tour was absolutely outstanding!! We really enjoyed our guide’s upbeat positive personality, and his knowledge of Tokyo, the culture, customs and especially the food was superb. It added so much to the experience and made the trip truly extraordinary.

Japan Journeys says: In addition to manga and anime hotspots, theManga Tour is designed to give you a real feel for real Tokyo and its delicious food, fascinating street life and wonderful people. It’s a great introduction to Japan.
Frank & Carolyn Troxell, (USA), Summer Manga Tour 2009
An amazing week, top class service, great tour leader who was very helpful, supportive, friendly and involved and great tour content. Hope to be back soon.
Rosamund Smith, Summer Manga Tour 2009
We are going home inspired. We will definitely plan a future tour with your company. Our guide’s knowledge of the country and the language was a huge asset. He assisted with translation and negotiation on purchasing bonsai pots – tremendous help! We have nothing negative to contribute – the entire tour was a great success. Thank you.
Richard & Bette Geisreiter, (Canada), Bonsai Tour 2009
bonsai_tour I was extremely pleased with this package. Japan exceeded all my expectations. The Japan Journeys service made the overall experience that much more enjoyable. I will definitely return to Japan.
Margaret McLaren, (Australia), Bonsai Tour 2009
We had a wonderful trip and all the arrangements you made were perfect! Thank you very much for all you did.

Japan Journeys says: Japan is being recognized more and more as one of the world’s premier destinations for winter sports, with huge snowfalls guaranteed and superb powder. Add to this the once-in-a-lifetime experience of traditional Japanese inns (ryokan), hot spring baths and delicious food, and you have an unforgettable holiday.
David Bounds, Tailor-made ski trip 2009
This has been an amazing trip! It covered everything I wanted to see in Tokyo while never feeling rushed. The accommodation was superb, very clean rooms and friendly staff. The tour really is perfect for anyone into manga/anime/videogames. A perfect holiday!
Warren Thompson, Summer Manga Tour 2009
Fantastic tour, fantastic experience, fantastic tour leader who goes out of his way to ensure that everyone enjoys every aspect of the tour. No improvement needed, it couldn’t have been better! Thank you!
Angela & Jordan Campbell, August 2009
I could not fault this tour on any level. It has been an amazing experience for a first visit to Tokyo. Our guide’s knowledge and advice were invaluable and without this we would not have found half the cool places we did. 10/10 all round.

Japan Journeys says: All our tour guides have spent years in Japan, speak Japanese and are up to date with what’s going on. We’ll take you to all the places most tourists never see.
Darren Skippings, March 2009
Our guide was extremely helpful and friendly, and very interested in getting to know the group.
Justin Bloomfield Spring, 2009
Had a fantastic time. Phil was the best guide I could have asked for on my first trip to Japan and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.
Kate Povey, 2009
Excellent trip, we have really enjoyed the Japan and manga experience
Adam Lobo & Beau Eaton, 2009
I can’t thank you enough for your help and enthusiasm and knowledge that gave myself and Rebecca such a good holiday. I have never before been on a guided tour and I doubt that we will find as good and dedicated leader as yourself. The energy and organization was brilliant. Thank you again.
Philip & Rebecca Wright, 2008
A great interest in Japan has arisen from this trip and your help and cheerful guidance has helped everyone to have a fantastic time. Many thanks.

Japan Journeys says: A successful school trip should be a stimulating experience for students and one which stays with them for the rest of their lives. A visit to Japan offers a fascinating and educational opportunity for students to experience a country and culture which is different in so many ways from their own. As a learning experience, Japan challenges students’ views and broadens their understanding of a different people andculture, the benefits of which are extremely positive. Japan School Trips

Japan Journeys says: We pride ourselves on our personal service. We’re sure nobody likes to be treated like a herd of sheep on a group tour, so unlike many other tour companies we ensure that you are given an individual and personal service, and as much freedom as you require.
Bernadette M., London girls’ school trip 2008
The trip was brilliant, a great introduction to Japan
Jackson Fouracre, 2008
Excellent tour and excellent tour guide, look forward to saving up to come again soon!
Heather Creed, 2008
bonsai_tour_japan I am writing to confirm my pleasure and satisfaction with the Bonsai trip that was organized by Japan Journeys this year. It was great value for money, efficiently arranged with attention to detail. In a country where we could not understand the language your guide was indispensable. He was extremely friendly and willing to help in any way possible. I have memories that I will never forget, thank you.
David Turner, 2008
This trip will stay with me all my life, it was truly mind blowing.
Barry Croft, 2008
manga_tour_japan I found this tour to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had
Gareth Bell, 2007
Great trip, loved every minute of it.
Pamela Dare, 2007
Really amazing!! Your staff are friendly and helpful and the whole experience was brilliant!! I loved visiting the Ghibli museum and Harajuku was my favorite place of all (Meiji shrine especially). …I’m running out of alternate words for good!
Becky Carter, 2006
Just to say how much we enjoyed the Bonsai Tour. It was well organized and such good value for money. Our friends from the Association of British Bonsai Artists found it most educational.
Peter Chan, (renowned UK Bonsai expert and author) 2006
Such a memorable tour. It was nothing less than great and blatantly obvious that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Dan Barton, (UK Bonsai Expert & Lecturer) 2006
Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. We both have memories and experiences we’ll never forget
Andrew & Alison Edge, (NSW, Australia) 2006
quilters_tour_japan How fortunate we were to be present at such an inspiring vacation. The whole Japan Journeys experience was quite remarkable and all your efforts in making it such a success are truly appreciated. Already I have bonsai colleagues expressing an interest in future trips and I have no hesitation in recommendng Japan Journys to them.’
Mike Smith, 2006
Many thanks for a wonderful trip – we feel completely enlightened
Heather Cook & Corrinne Harvey, 2006
I was hesitant before arriving in Japan, but this trip really was without fault. So many memories, so many quilts to sew, experiences and pictures to share along with a very firm recommendation to join the next Quilters Tour.
Pat Leberman, (New Zealand), 2006
Thank you for a wonderful holiday!
Sheila & Bert Wright, 2005
Never have I had a feeling of not wanting a holiday to end
David Farrell, (Ireland), 2005
Exceeded all expectations
Steve Iwaki, (USA) 2005
Congratulations on a great tour
Sharyn & Dave Kiernan, (NSW, Australia), 2005
Alistair Simpson, 2005