Duration: 10 nights
Destinations: Kobe, Kurashiki, Matsumyama, Kotohira, Takamatsu, Iya Valley, Tokushima, Osaka
Recommended Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Price: from £1,475.00

Experience the rich culture, history and nature on offer in Shikoku and surrounding areas with this itinerary, designed for those who want to delve deeper into this fascinating country. Start off in Kobe, a glittering port town that stretches out between the sea and the mountains, before heading to the delightful town of Kurashiki, rich in tradition and craft. Your first destination on Shikoku is Matsuyama, home to one of Japan’s oldest and most famous hot springs. Next on your trip is Kotohira, where you will explore the beautiful Konpira-san shrine. Move on to the city of Takamatsu, and encounter feudal Japan in the castle and traditional gardens. Venture deep into the heart of the Iya Valley, which offers great hiking routes with dramatic natural scenery. Tokushima is your next destination, a city which marks the beginning of the 88 temple pilgrimage around Shikoku and is also home to the most famous dance festival in Japan. At the end of your trip, enjoy the last night of your adventure in the buzzing modern city of Osaka.

Download the Shikoku Revealed brochure here: Shikoku Revealed and a Reservation Form Here: Shikoku Revealed Reservation Form


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ItineraryLocation GuideAccommodationInclusions

Shikoku Revealed

Day 1: Arrival in Japan, Meet & Greet at Kansai International Airport (Osaka)
Welcome to Japan! Our friendly Meet & Greet service representative will be waiting in the Arrivals lobby and holding a sign with your name on. The Meet & Greet will direct you to the express train to Kobe. Check in to your clean and comfortable hotel in central Kobe for 1 night.

Day 2: Kobe to Kurashiki
Considered one of Japan’s most attractive cities, Kobe is sandwiched between the sea and the Rokko Mountain range, where you can take a cable car to the top for a panoramic view of the city. You may wish take the opportunity to dine on world famous Kobe beef. Later, head to the attractive town of Kurashiki by Bullet train and check into your hotel for 2 nights.

Day 3: Kurashiki
Wake up in the picturesque town of Kurashiki. Take a stroll along Kurashiki’s beautiful canals and visit a selection of traditional, feudal era warehouses that have been converted into an eclectic collection of museums, the finest of which is the Ohara Museum. Historically known for its textile production, Kurashiki is now known as Japan’s denim capital, and you will find many shops selling locally produced denim garments, plus “denim ice-cream”.

Day 4: Matsuyama
Today’s destination is the city of Matsuyama, on the western side of Shikoku. See the sights of the city from aboard the Botchan miniature steam train. The train terminates at Dogo Onsen, one of the oldest hot springs in Japan. After taking a soak, visit Isaniwa Shrine, which is just a short walk away. The shrine buildings are considered Important Cultural Properties, and the warrior Empress Jingu is enshrined here. Other sites of interest include several impressive temples on the 88 Temple Pilgrimage Route, including Joruri-ji, founded in the 8th century, and Sairin-ji, with its tranquil stream and koi pond. Check into your hotel here for one night.

Day 5: Kotohira
Check out of your hotel after breakfast and take the train to Kotohira, where you will stay tonight. Make the pilgrimage to Shikoku’s most popular shrine, Konpira-san. You will encounter beautiful shrine buildings and museums as you climb the steps to the Inner Shrine. Take a quick rest at one of the many viewpoints along the way, and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Kotohira town and the surrounding countryside. Kotohira’s Kanamaruza kabuki theatre, a designated Important Cultural Property built in 1835, is also worth visiting.

Day 6: Takamatsu
Travel by train to the port city of Takamatsu. Take a stroll in the beautiful Ritsurin Park, a landscape garden built for the lords of the region in feudal times. Now listed as a Japanese National Treasure, the gardens also include a Folk Craft Museum, restaurant and three Tea Houses, where visitors can enjoy a tea ceremony. The ruins of Takamatsu’s Castle, in Tamamo Park, and the Yakuri-ji and Yashima-ji temples are also worth seeing. Sample the local delicacy, sanuki udon noodles, in one of the city’s numerous restaurants. Check in to your hotel here for one night.

Day 7: Iya Valley
After checking out of your hotel, we recommend you hire a rental vehicle to drive to the remote Iya Valley in the heart of Shikoku. The area’s most famous attraction are the kazura-bashi, or vine bridges, that cross from one side of the valley to the other. In this secluded region of countryside, you can gain a sense of traditional rural life with a visit to Ochiai Hamlet’s old farmhouses. Check in to your hotel (with private hot spring) for 2 nights. Dinner is included tonight.

Day 8: Iya Valley
Today venture out on a hike up Mount Tsurugi, the second highest mountain on Shikoku, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Mount Tsurugi is considered sacred by followers of the Japanese folk religion Shugendo. You may also like to take a short drive to see the Oboke and Koboke gorges, one of Japan’s top outdoor destinations, offering dramatic scenery, boat trips and river rafting. Return to your hotel, where dinner is again included tonight.

Day 9: Tokushima
Today you will make your way to Tokushima by car. If you are lucky enough to visit here in August, enjoy the lively festival atmosphere that takes over the city during the Obon season, as dancers and musicians parade through the streets showcasing Tokushima’s main attraction, the 400 year-old Awa Odori dance. Even at other times of year, the dance can still be enjoyed at the Awa Odori Kaikan museum. Alternatively, you may like to visit the Awa Jurobe Yashiki Bunraku Puppet Theatre, a former samurai residence where bunraku performances can be seen daily, and Tokushima castle and museum, where you can take a stroll in the 16th century gardens. Check in to your centrally located hotel for 1 night.

Day 10: Osaka
Leave Shikoku and travel to Osaka, Japan’s third largest city, where you will stay tonight. Spend the day enjoying the sights of Osaka including the lively Dotonbori district for shopping, eating and entertainment, Osaka castle and the wonderful Osaka aquarium. On your last night in Japan, sample some of the Kansai region’s culinary specialities, such as okonomiyaki and takoyaki.

Day 11: Return Home – Kansai International Airport
Transfer to Kansai International Airport (Osaka) for your flight home.

 railpassJapan Rail Pass
The JR Pass allows you almost unlimited travel for 7/14/21 days on all Japan Rail lines throughout the country. It allows you to travel on the world-famous Bullet Train (Shinkansen).

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The beautiful port city of Kobe may be best known abroad as the source of Kobe beef, but has much more to offer. Its history as one of Japan’s busiest ports has given the city an international feel, which can be appreciated within the lively Chinatown and the district of Western-style residences. The dramatic Rokko Mountain Range rises sharply behind the city, offering hiking trails with spectacular views of the city and the sea.


In the Edo period Kurashiki was an important trading town for rice and later becoming known for textiles. Having largely escaped World War II bombing, much of Kurashiki’s old storehouses, mills and shops remain in good condition. With arching bridges and weeping willows flanking the Edo period canal, Kurashiki will give you a sense of where people lived and worked in old Japan.


Shikoku’s largest city, Matsuyama is known in Japan as the setting for Natsume Soseki’s popular novel, Botchan. Matsuyama’s 19th century Dogo onsen features in Soseki’s novel, but may be more familiar to anime fans as the inspiration for the bathhouse in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. Sights to see also include the well-preserved Matsuyama castle and its gardens, plus several ancient temples on the Shikoku Pilgrimage Route.


A small town in Kagawa Prefecture, Kotohira is best known for its shrine, Konpira-san, sited on the slopes of Mt Zozu. Pilgrims to Shikoku’s largest and most popular shrine complex are rewarded by panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Japan’s oldest surviving kabuki theatre is also to be found in Kotohira, along with a sake museum for post-pilgrimage refreshment.


Takamatsu is a port city that looks out over the Seto Inland Sea. In feudal times, lords built Takamatsu castle, the ruins of which can be seen today, and the Ritsurin Koen landscape garden, Takamatsu’s top attraction where visitors can enjoy the beauty of Japan’s seasons. Takamatsu is also famed for its sanuki udon noodles and Shikoku Pilgrimage temples.

Iya Valley

This secluded, mountainous valley is one of Japan’s Three Hidden Valleys and offers some of the best hiking and hot springs in Shikoku. Being so remote, here many aspects of traditional Japanese life have been sheltered from the tide of modernisation. One such example are the precarious vine bridges for crossing from one side of the river to the other.



Tokushima city is famed for its Awa Odori dance, the most famous dance festival in Japan during the Obon season in August. There is even a museum dedicated to this “Fools’ Dance” so visitors can experience the lively dance all year round. Also to be enjoyed in Tokushima Prefecture are the whirlpools in Naruto City, along with the temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage Route.]  


Known as the “kitchen of Japan”, Osaka is renowned for its warm-hearted, lively locals. Osaka Castle dominates the city as the old mixes with the very modern skyline, and the aquarium is not to be missed. The city comes alive at night with endless opportunities to wine, dine and party.
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Hotels in Kobe

Hotel Lasuite Kobe Harborland is conveniently located in the centre of Kobe, making it a fantastic base for sightseeing. The hotel is a 10 minute walk from JR Kobe station or 4 minutes walk from Minato-Motomachi Subway Station. Every room has an ocean view terrace, and guests can relax and enjoy a sweeping view of the beautiful scenery of the Port of Kobe embraced by the sea breeze. Inside the hotel are two restaurants, a bar and a bakery, which also provides baked goods for breakfast. There is also a spa for guests to enjoy. Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland is the first hotel in Japan to receive entry into the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Hotel Okura Kobe


Hotel Okura overlooks Kobe Port, a 10 minute walk from JR/Hanshin Motomachi station and 5 minutes walk from Kobe Subway Minato-Motomachi station. The Rokko Mountains serve as a backdrop, reflecting the changes of the seasons as the blue sea stretches out before you. Hotel Okura is an ideal spot for relaxation while you are in Kobe. Near the hotel are other symbols of Kobe’s history as a port city, including Nanking-machi (Kobe’s China Town) and the Former Foreign Settlement.

Within the hotel are 5 restaurants and a bar, serving Chinese and French dishes in addition to Japanese cuisine. For breakfast, Hotel Okura Kobe offers a Western style buffet, Japanese set menus and room service. Guests can use the fitness suite, which is equipped with various training machines, a tennis court and a 25m all-weather indoor swimming pool.

Hotel Villa Fontaine Sannomiya has an atmosphere that mixes the classical with a touch of the modern, a perfect fit for the port city of Kobe. Conveniently located in the centre of the city, Kobe’s many delicious restaurants are easily accessible from the hotel. Train stations for various lines (JR, Hankyu, Hanshin and subway) are about a 5 minute walk away. Hotel Villa Fontaine Sannomiya has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor.

Guest rooms are fully air-conditioned, and free Wi-Fi is provided. The breakfast is buffet-style, featuring freshly baked bread, soup, salad, and other accompaniments.

Hotels/Ryokan in Kurashiki

Ryokan Kurashiki


Ryokan Kurashiki is a small traditional Japanese inn located in the lovely historic town of Kurashiki. The former residence of a sugar merchant, guest rooms have views of the garden and canal. Kaiseki cuisine inspired and informed by nature and the four seasons, is served for dinner. Using only the freshest ingredients, the dishes celebrate local flavours and please the eyes as much as the palate.

Ryokan Kurashiki is located right in the heart of Bikan Historical Quarter, across from the Tourist Information Center, at the crook of the willow-lined old canal. It is a 15 minute walk from JR Kurashiki station.

Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel


Situated just at the entrance to Kurashiki’s Bikan Chiku canal district, it is easy to dive in to one of Japan’s best preserved old town areas at a moment’s notice from this superior modern hotel with an artistic twist. The interiors have elements of Western and Japanese traditional woodblock printing to their design. Articles of local Bizen ware pottery can be found around the hotel, tracing back to the ancient cultural traditions of the region.

The rooms here are relatively spacious, with comfortable furnishings and a reserved aesthetic. They are equipped with the full range of amenities, including free Wi-Fi and en-suite bathrooms.

There are several restaurants in house, including Japanese and French, serving locally sourced wagyu beef from Setouchi. There is also an affiliated casual Japanese restaurant called Kiyutei opposite the excellent Ohara Art Museum.

The hotel is conveniently placed between the station and the city’s main attraction, the Bikan Chiku canal district. This is a great base for sightseeing in the area, and there are plenty of restaurants, shops and bars around for your evening entertainment needs.
This business class hotel features compact well-equipped rooms with flat screen TVs, refrigerators and bathroom amenities. All rooms have free wi-fi. Computer terminals are available in the lobby along with 24-hour coin laundry.
Breakfast is a light Japanese breakfast consisting of rice balls, miso soup, some salad items and also a little bread.

Hotels/Ryokan in Matsuyama

Yamatoya Honten


This ryokan is built in the traditional Japanese architectural style so you can see and feel Japan’s beautiful culture and tradition.The rooms are Japanese style, complete with straw tatami mats. Guests can relax in the indoor and outdoor hotsprings. Traditional Japanese cuisine is served, consisting of a wide variety of small dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients. For breakfast, guests can choose between Western style and Japanese style dishes.

Yamatoya Honten is only a 5 minute walk away from one of Matsuyama’s main attractions, Dogo Onsen. The nearest train station is JR Dogo Onsen, which is about a 20 minute train ride from JR Matsuyama, or 15 minutes by taxi.

Hotel Mystays Matsuyama


HOTEL MYSTAYS Matsuyama offers outstanding convenience for tourism, ideally located in the centre of Matsuyama. It’s only 8 minutes’ walk from JR Matsuyama Station and 9 minutes from Iyotetsu Matsuyama City Station. The hotel is overlooked by Matsuyama Castle on the summit of Mt. Katsuyama (altitude 132 m), with the rooms and restaurant enjoying views over the tramway and castle moat against a backdrop of verdant forest.

A buffet-style breakfast is served in “La Terrazza” restaurant, featuring a mix of Japanese and Western options created from the finest local produce. The rooms are fully air-conditioned and offer high-speed wireless internet.

Hotels/Ryokan in Kotohira

Kotohira Grand Hotel Sakura no sho is situated at the foot of Kotohira shrine, and is only 200 meters from the Kabuki theater ‘Kanamaruza’, where plays take place every spring. Guests can enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot springs and open-air baths. Gorgeous Japanese cuisine made with seasonal locally-sourced ingredients is served. Both Western-style and Japanese-style guest rooms with tatami mat floors and futon bedding are available. Guests can enjoy complimentary WiFi internet.

The hotel is a 15 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride from JR Kotohira station.

Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku


Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku is located a 5-minute walk from Kotohira Station on the JR Dosan Line. Situated at the foot of Konpira Mountain, the hotel offers elegant relaxation and traditional Japanese hospitality. The hotel features a large communal bath with 6 types of bathtubs.Yukata (casual kimonos) are provided for guests to wear within the hotel.

Traditional Japanese cuisine featuring carefully selected seasonal ingredients is served. Japanese, hybrid Japanese-Western and Western-style rooms are available as well as rooms with their own open-air baths. WiFi is available in guest rooms.

Kotohira Park Hotel


Kotohira Park Hotel is a business hotel which offers fine modern services in a traditional shrine town. The hotel is a quick 5 minute taxi ride from JR Takamatsu Station. Guests can also rent bicycles from the hotel to cycle around and explore the lovely town of Kotohira.

On the top floor, guests can relax free of charge in the bathhouse while looking out over the surrounding countryside. Breakfast is buffet-style with a mixture of Japanese and Western foods on offer.

Hotels/Ryokan in Takamatsu

Kiyomisanso Hanajukai


Kiyomisanso Hanajukai has both Japanese and Western style guest rooms, looking out over Takamatsu city. The hotel serves elaborate and beautiful seasonal delicacies, using locally sourced fresh fish and shellfish, high-quality meat, and fresh vegetables to prepare both Japanese and Western cuisine. Hanajukai’s hot spring bathroom offers panoramic views of Takamatsu city and the Seto Inland Sea. There are also guest rooms equipped with open air hot spring baths.

Hanajukai is located a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute taxi ride from JR Showacho station.

JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu


JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu is located near the city’s port and the ruins of Takamatsu Castle, a 1 minute walk from JR Takamatsu station. Guest rooms offer views of Takamatsu city and the Seto Inland Sea, and have free WiFi. JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu’s 5 restaurants and cocktail lounge serve a range of cuisine including Chinese, Western and Japanese to cater to every taste.

Breakfast is buffet style, offering a range of Japanese and Western food.

Takamatsu Tokyu Rei


Takamatsu Tokyu Rei is centrally located, very close to the main shopping street in Takamatsu, and 7 minutes on foot from JR Takamatsu Station. This makes it an excellent base for seeing the sights of Takamatsu. Free wifi and tea and coffee making facilities are available in every guest room.

Within the hotel is a Western style restaurant offering seasonal evening meals, in addition to breakfast and lunch buffets.

Hotels/Ryokan in Iya Valley

Nano Yado Hotel Iya Onsen

Iya Valley

Nano Yado Hotel Iya Onsen is a secluded hotel surrounded by the beautiful Iya Mountains. The Japanese-style guest rooms, complete with tatami mats, offer views of the valley’s natural scenery. The open air hot spring bath is accessible by cable car, offering panoramic views of the valley along the way.

Dinner is kaiseki-style (multi-course) using seasonal ingredients or “Omiki-nabe” (hot pot) , which uses a base soup made from miso and locally-made sake. For breakfast, guests may choose between Japanese style and Western style dishes, and there is also a buffet.

Nestled among the mountains of Iya Valley, Shin Iya Onsen Hotel has Japanese style rooms, complete with tatami mats, which offer guests views of the surrounding mountain and valley scenery. In addition to the large communal bath inside, the hotel also has an open air bath with mountain views to enjoy. For dinner, enjoy freshwater fish such as amego and ayu and dishes prepared with local vegetables.

Free car parking and WiFi is available.

Sunriver Oboke

Iya Valley

Located in the secluded Iya Valley, Sunriver Oboke offers wonderful views of the surrounding natural scenery all year round. The hotel is accessible by car, or by taxi (8 minutes from JR Oboke Station).

The water at the hotel’s outdoor hot springs has strong alkaline properties, with a pH of 9.5, which is beneficial to your skin. Guests can enjoy dining on delicious cuisine that showcases local ingredients from the Yoshino river and Tsurugi mountains. Within the hotel is also a gift shop selling local products and souvenirs.

Hotels/Ryokan in Tokushima

JR Hotel Clement Tokushima


Right by Tokushima Castle, and only a 1 minute walk from JR Tokushima station, the central location of this upscale urban hotel make it the perfect base for sightseeing in Tokushima. There are 4 restaurants and a bar within the hotel. All guest rooms feature en suite bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is a buffet of Western and Japanese dishes.

Daiwa Roynet Tokushima Ekimae


Daiwa Roynet Tokushima Ekimae is only 1 minute’s walk from JR Tokushima Station, making it extremely convenient for travellers. This clean and comfortable hotel is also close to many restaurants, shops and attractions, including Tokushima Castle.

Free WiFi Internet is available in all guest rooms. Breakfast is buffet-style, featuring over 30 Japanese and Western seasonal dishes produced locally. The hotel was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor in 2017.

Hotels in Osaka

Imperial Hotel Osaka


Being a little distance from the busy transport hub of Osaka/Umeda Stations, this luxury riverside hotel demonstrates the right way to take a break in a city known for its hustle and bustle. Imperial Hotels boast over a century of experience in providing the very best hospitality.

Superior category and above rooms here have views over the Okawa river, one of the most beautiful cherry blossom viewing spots in the city come the spring. All rooms here are spacious and comfortable, with a classic, refined interior style.

The hotel has 6 restaurants which are well worth taking advantage of. With French, Chinese and Japanese options available (including devoted teppanyaki and sushi restaurants), there is more than enough to savour. Breakfast starts at 6:30 comprising of an impressive range of Western and Eastern buffet dishes. Osaka Nadaman restaurant on the 24th floor offers a delicious Japanese style meal set from 7:00.

Hotel Granvia Osaka


Hotel Granvia Osaka, located in the center of the spirited and historic city of Osaka, Japan, offers guests a sophisticated retreat and direct connection to JR Osaka train lines.
Generously proportioned and astutely decorated, the rooms here have a mixture of chic and warmth that mirror the personality of the city of Osaka, with its dizzying skyline rising above the bustling and cheerful streets. There is a full range of quality amenities as one would expect from a hotel of this calibre.
The Granvia, Osaka, features an array of fine dining and casual restaurants, including Japanese, Italian, French and Chinese cuisines. Revel in the city’s nightlife at the hotel’s chic bar and two lounges, or grab a quick snack at the café.

This business class hotel features compact well-equipped rooms with flat screen TVs, refrigerators and bathroom amenities. All rooms have free wi-fi. Computer terminals are available in the lobby along with 24-hour coin laundry.
Breakfast is a light Japanese breakfast consisting of rice balls, miso soup, some salad items and also a little bread.

Right on Osaka’s central Midosuji Subway line, one or two stops from Osaka and Shin-Osaka stations respectively, this is a fantastic place for those making a short stay in the city. This is in a quieter part of the city, so despite being very central you will be able to get a good night’s sleep when needed.

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Price Includes

  • 7 Day Japan Rail Pass
  • Travel on Japan’s world-famous Bullet Train
  • Airport Trasnsfer
  • Meet & Greet service on arrival at Kansai International Airport (Osaka)

3* Option Price INCLUDES:

  • 8 nights’ accommodation in a Twin/Double room at 3* hotels on a bed & breakfast basis
  • 2 nights’ accommodation in Japanese ryokan in Iya Valley, breakfast and dinner included

4* Option Price INCLUDES:

  • 6 nights’ accommodation in a Twin/Double room at 3* hotels on a bed & breakfast basis
  • 4 nights’ accommodation in Japanese ryokan in Matsuyama, Kotohira, and Iya Valley, breakfast and dinner included

5* Option Price INCLUDES:

  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a Twin/Double room at 4/5* hotels on a bed & breakfast basis
  • 7 nights’ accommodation in Japanese ryokan in Kurashiki, Matsuyama, Kotohira, Takamatsu, and Iya Valley, breakfast and dinner included


Not included in Price

  • International airfare.
  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Taxi, subway and tramway fees.
  • Rental vehicle hire.
  • Bus and train fare from Tokushima to Osaka (4,000 JPY per person).
  • Travel insurance.


Download the Shikoku Revealed brochure here: Shikoku Revealed and a Reservation Form Here: Shikoku Revealed Reservation Form


The price for this Shikoku Revealed independent itinerary as detailed above is as follows:

3* accommodation from £1,475.00 per person based on twin/double room occupancy.

4* accommodation from £1,975.00 per person based on twin/double room occupancy.

5* accommodation price on request

Single Supplement: 3* from £300.00/ 4* from £350.00

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All price estimates are based on current rates of exchange and are subject to availability. All prices are good for travel before the end of 2017 but exclude blackout periods which coincide with Japanese National Holidays and some weekends.

To make a booking, a deposit of £200.00 per person is required.

The balance of the price of the trip must be made 12 weeks prior to departure.

Full terms and Conditions

All price estimates are based on current rates of exchange and are subject to availability.


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