Our company

Japan Journeys has been delighting customers since 2004 and we are the Number 1 provider of special interest tours for manga, bonsai and quilters fans. We are based in London and our staff spend a good deal of our time every year in Japan leading tours, checking out new sights and generally keeping up with what’s going on in the land of the rising sun. All our staff have spent years living, working and travelling in Japan, which is why we are dedicated to bringing you the best of this amazing country. Don’t just take our word for it – see what previous customers have said about us.

In May 2010, we launched our brand new Gourmet tour of Japan, the first offered by a UK operator. We also offer a Classic Japan Tour, as well as more specialist gap year programmes for those aged under 29 and a luxury Hidden Islands of Japan cruise. Japan Journeys also works with private clients and schools to arrange tailor-made itineraries. In 2013 we were awarded ‘Best Specialist Company’ in the NEO Magazine Awards.

Our staff

Our team is led by James, who lived in Tokyo from 1991-1995, David who lived in Mie Prefecture from 2006-2009, Natsumi from Kawasaki City in Kanagawa prefecture, Shoko who was born in Japan and Phil, who lived in Iwaki, then Kobe, from 2002-2007.

James’ fondest memory of Japan was visiting the wonderful onsen (hot springs) of Hakone on a regular basis from Tokyo. As a result of his love of Japan, its people and more importantly its food, he returned to the UK enthused with a passion to help others experience the Japan he had seen.

David spent part of his childhood in Kobe. After University, he returned to Japan for 3 years where he lived sandwiched between the mountains and rice fields in the beautiful town of Komono in Mie Prefecture. His love of the outdoors means that you will find David up a mountain with his snowboard in winter or swimming in the crystal clear seas of Okinawa in the summer.

Natsumi is from Kawasaki City in Kanagawa prefecture. Her favourite place to go in Japan is Kamakura, only a stone’s throw away from Tokyo. It is home to one of the largest Buddhas in Japan and nearby is Enoshima beach, a great place to cool off in the summer. You may spot Natsumi enjoying the Sakura around Hachimangu Shrine in the spring and going to see the wonderful hydrangeas brightening up the area in rainy season. Natsumi’s favourite things to do in the UK are visiting the beautiful National Parks and grand historic buildings around the country. Natsumi is also a gaming goddess, her favourite game being Zelda, and she will take on any challengers to a Mario Kart race!

Shoko is from Northern Japan and grew up in beautiful Fukushima Prefecture. After leaving school, she decided to come and study at a British University. Some of her favourite must-do things in Japan include visiting the lovely Hanamiyama Park in Fukushima City where a variety of cherry blossoms bloom in Spring; swimming in the serene waters of the Moniwa river with the fish and hiking up Mount Bandai – one of the 100 Most Famous Japanese Mountains. Shoko’s favourite Japanese food is ramen and the thing she likes about the UK the most are its country villages and pubs.

Phil’s Japan experience began in the rural, northern region of Tohoku, a world away from the bright lights of Tokyo. Here he developed a love for the traditional way of life and some of the best snowboarding Japan has to offer. Following three subsequent years in the Kansai region Phil counts karaoke and an appreciation of takoyaki (fried octopus) amongst his specialised subjects. He will be delighted to share this with you on tour!

Haruka-chan, our Manga Tour MascotMeet our manga tour mascot

Greetings to all our otakus out there!

Meet our Manga Tour mascot Haruka-chan.

Just so you know, Haru-chan is 16 and lives in Nakano.

At weekends she hangs out in Shibuya with her best friend Emi-chan.

Our Promise to You

Here at Japan Journeys we understand that your holiday means the world to you, because it means the same to us. The entire content of our tours are checked out and reviewed by Japan Journeys staff, tours are led by our own Tour Leaders, and we would not sell you anything that we are not perfectly satisfied with ourselves. Please click here for our full Terms & Conditions of booking.